July 18, 2021

First days


First days are exciting and hard and a buzz and a blitz. So much information, so many names, too many faces, what about lunch?, how do they do things around there, when to take a break, want to give a good impression, don’t want to ask questions that seem stupid but know that I have to ask stupid questions, getting inside the lingo, the short cuts, the assumed knowledge.

It’s too much.

Not too much. After all, that’s the point. A new challenge. But too much all the same. Too much to handle all in one day, on the first day. Too much to make sense of. Too much to put into the right categories and file away for later use. Too much.

Accept that. Expect it. On both sides of the table. Give space. Repeat where and when necessary.

Skippy strategy: First days are always too much. That’s ok.