July 3, 2021

First impressions


Sitting in our chair, with all the experience we’ve gained, dealing with all kinds of people in all kinds of setting, we convince ourselves that we’re a pretty good judge of character.

In interviews, in meet and greets, when we go around the table for introductions, even after the meeting or having completed the project – we get pretty sure of ourselves and our opinions. A good person or bad, honest or not, up to the task, up for the task, capable, credible, lazy.

We get used to characterising people, and, truth be told, first impressions count.

When we have someone placed on whatever axes we choose, it can take them, and us, some time to nudge them to a new place on the scales.

Thing is, one greet, one meet, even one project – is not who they are.

Skippy strategy: Be slow to accept your own judgements of character.