July 30, 2021

Like it or change it


It’s your world. You’ve built the team and the process, you shaped the product, the positioning and the perspective, you’re behind the values and the ethos, the work ethic and the culture. All set. Except, those things about the place you don’t like. Those thing. The details that bug you, the graffiti in the car park, the player that doesn’t fit their role, the pace of change, the lights shining into the wild, the direction of travel and the leaps in development. Those things. What if you don’t like them? What if you know, and everyone else knows, that they’re not up to the job? Those things.

Like it or change it.

If you like it, if it fits and plays the part, good stuff. If it doesn’t, then stop staring at it and do something about it. Change it.

Skippy strategy: No alternatives, like it or change it.