September 11, 2016

The hard bit #1

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The hard bit #2

Spitfire The second hard bit, and harder than the first, is selling. When it comes to invention, you control a huge percentage of the moving parts. It’s…



The hard bit, the first (easiest) hard bit, is invention.

Not that moment of brilliance as you step off the pavement – that’s as simple as falling off any irregular shaped object – but the grit and graft it takes to caress ideas into shapes into specifics into products and services that promise value.

Rarely is it the work of a lone inventor and five minutes.

It takes a team, with shared goals, agreed pathways, coherent efforts and enough stick-to-itness to keep on going when the going gets miserable. Making things up as you go along means blind alleys, broken glass and pushing through the treacle. Slow, slow, quick for a bit, slow.

Amongst moments of momentum … deal with the doubters, find the funding, make sense of darkness.

The act of creation is an act of will.


But not as hard as what comes next.

Skippy strategy: Keep pushing.