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The mother load


Something’s happening.

Out of sight, where nobody knows except those actually involved, things are on the move. Or at least, you think they are. It’s an act of faith. Because nobody’s talking. They’re beavering away, getting on with getting on, eyes on the prize, so busy doing the doing that they don’t have the time to send an update. They’re busy on the details, fighting the fires and dealing with all the little things that make the difference between business as usual and business gone bad. They just haven’t prioritised internal communications. Maybe they don’t think you want or need to know.

You do.

Not because it’s interesting, not to keep tabs on them, not even because you might be quizzed, but because the next leap forward is in there. At the edges of normal. In the dark. Information is the mother load.

Skippy strategy: Maximise the information flow.

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