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Live with guesses

December 8, 2023

Dock When resources are tight, you can hope … or you can work the problem. Hoping is choosing the bliss of ignorance. When you kinda-sorta know what’s going on, when you’re in touch... READ MORE

Never land

December 5, 2023

Sea A Yes … means a commitment is given and expectations are set. Wheels you can’t see turn gears you don’t know, people you’ve never met set themselves for the top of... READ MORE

Collision of ideas

November 24, 2023

Stream Shhh. Some people actually enjoy meetings. Not all of the time. What they enjoy are meetings with a collision of ideas without knowledge of the consequences. Where there’s organisation without orchestration. Where the... READ MORE

The blanks

November 9, 2023

Speaker It’s all a guess. Ok, not all, but a goodly portion. You guess about sales, about the new hire, the demands for cash and your ability to collect it. You guess about... READ MORE

Make no decisions

October 17, 2023

Car If we did this thing … what would happen? What would the customer say, would we be able to deliver, would it go up or down, how would it affect this... READ MORE