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String of side steps

July 8, 2023

Anon Some things you know, deep down, you’ll have to deal with sooner or later. The benefit of not dealing with it today - an easier life in the short term. You get... READ MORE


July 7, 2023

Anon There are times when something is wrong, when you know it’s wrong, but when there’s nothing you can do about it, and you have to hold your tongue. That’s not a good... READ MORE

Better tomorrow

July 2, 2023

Wood Finding good people is the hardest and most important job for any manager. It’s the difference between things being done - done at all, done well - and scraping by. If... READ MORE

Sit tight

June 21, 2023

Ball Look out there, it’s looking darker. Clouds are forming. It might not rain, but maybe it will. Perhaps we should sit it out for a while and see what happens. You... READ MORE

Fully considered

June 12, 2023

Horse It can be hard work coming to a decision. All the arguments and doubt and evidence and hunches played out over weeks and months. The cul de sacs negotiated, the opinions canvased,... READ MORE