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Commit anyway

March 13, 2021

Locks Every member of every team comes to moments where they fundamentally disagree about a decision. The arguments have been heard, the data have been analysed, the positions have been staked out... READ MORE

Know your number

February 20, 2021

Empty On the upside, there are great options. Contracts we could win, places we could go, winnings we could bank, extraordinary people we could bring on to the team - the question... READ MORE

Fair process

January 29, 2021

Joe's None of us likes it when a decision goes against us. It’s bad enough when it’s an outsider, deciding on assumptions and opinions that we find it difficult to influence - frustration... READ MORE

Ever been outside

January 7, 2021

Tree Ever been outside the loop? Ever found out last, ever wondered what was happening, ever been kept in the dark about the what and the why, ever failed to get an... READ MORE

Ever longer

December 27, 2020

Seats You can plan. You can investigate and think about and read books and talk to the experts. You can do your due diligence. You can make decisions based on the best... READ MORE