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It may be dark

June 4, 2023

Lake Travelling together, it’s likely that you’ve agreed the destination, the route, the mode of transport and the timing. The details may be dark, but the lumpy decisions are already in play.... READ MORE

Resisting the change

May 18, 2023

Door There are times - more often than is comfortable - when everyone knows something needs to change. There are times - less often - when everyone knows how it needs to change. There... READ MORE

Washing around

May 12, 2023

Rainy Day Some things are complex by their nature, and complicated further by all the permutations. As long as you keep those options open you’re cursed to deal with branching maybes and... READ MORE

Data says left

May 4, 2023

Net When one says left but everyone else is swinging to the right, what do you do? Listen, make a decision, commit. Listen - what do they know, what does the data tell you... READ MORE

Took too long

April 7, 2023

Candles It’s rare that we make decisions too early. Or at least, it’s rare we make an early decision we regret. That’s not because we have motivated and experienced guts that know... READ MORE