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And then we fix it

July 23, 2015

Progress Nothing about making difficult decisions is easy. So we agonise, work the angles, squeeze for data, seek advice, mine for insight. The whole game is laced with worry, “What if …?” -... READ MORE

The whole story

July 21, 2015

Best? Remember those times when you absolutely know. They’re rare. Most of the time we’re not so sure. There’s a reason for that: if it was obvious, we wouldn’t be involved in the... READ MORE

We’re going to disagree

June 18, 2015

Coffee Everyone has opinions. Some don’t like coffee, or that type of coffee, or can’t live without it, or only drink tea. Good to know, really. Then there’s the bigger stuff. Which way to... READ MORE

After the decision

June 11, 2015

Flying On the way to making an important decision life is full of maybes and coulds and possibles and what ifs? Complicated, complex, confusing. You consider and cogitate, take advice and ponder.... READ MORE