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Towards chaos

December 6, 2021

Sprite It’s much more likely to be cock-up than conspiracy. Most groups aren’t set up to conspire, and most groups are absolutely set up to make a mess. In fact, almost all... READ MORE

Fail at everything

December 2, 2021

Stage It’s never just this thing. When there’s a problem, we dive in and sort the problem, and if we’re smart and have five spare minutes, we try to work out how... READ MORE

About measuring

December 1, 2021

Beach What they say about measuring and managing is right. You get exactly what you ask for. Kinda. When you ask your team to be productive, and you measure productivity on lines... READ MORE

A look in

November 30, 2021

Bathsheba There’s always a lot to do. By the time you’ve done everything that’s expected it’s likely that there’s next to no time left to do high value discretionary work. Those transformational,... READ MORE

Don’t get mired

November 29, 2021

Eden There’s a special quality that helps set apart the leaders on your team. They’re the ones who can understand and appreciate the detail, but who don’t get mired in it. Sure, they... READ MORE