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Extra impact

July 12, 2024

Bricks What if you winged it? If you turned up without the benefit of preparation, assuming that this one was close enough to that other one that you could rely on muscle memory... READ MORE

And, grrr

July 9, 2024

Steel Waiting. Waiting. Nibbling away at something else. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Getting a bit annoyed because of all the waiting. Obsessing about the waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Thinking the worst, obsessing a bit more, nibbling again. Irritated. There’s always a lot of waiting. It’s... READ MORE

The value of a number

July 7, 2024

Wood We’re doing ok, right? Well, we think we are. At least, the water is hot and we put coffee in, I can’t remember any particular issues in the last few batches.... READ MORE

Stop that

July 1, 2024

P.Terry's Most times, all we need to do is crack on. Our day-to-day involves doing a bunch of things we know how to do, for people in places we’ve worked with before, to... READ MORE

We’re fantasists

June 27, 2024

Bridge Wouldn’t it be lovely if time stretched so you could do all the things you want to do and still have time for the things you have to do. Actually, wouldn’t... READ MORE