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The things we want

March 22, 2023

Madrid It’s possible to go through the day and even the entire week without addressing anything other than the perfectly obvious minutia that are naturally in our path. The day to day... READ MORE

The wheel squeaks

March 18, 2023

Board It isn’t perfect. Nothing is. Certainly not this organisation. Plenty to fix. Plenty of things to get stuck into, places that could use some love and attention. Big things like the... READ MORE

Your thing

March 15, 2023

Tiles Every organisation has it’s thing. The thing that everyone knows is a problem - might be a person, or a structure, or a reporting metric, or a supplier, or an anything... READ MORE

A reason

March 11, 2023

Korean Of course every meeting should start with an objective, something to achieve, something that makes good use of all the talents in the room. And of course you should take a... READ MORE

Only that

March 4, 2023

Diner With all that email, all those meetings, the the updates and checkins, what are you actually working on? Assuming it’s more than doing the day to day, how will we know... READ MORE