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May 14, 2021

Trebuchet Of course, you set the agenda, you prioritise the big things and if you’re doing things right you bring everyone to the same page and point everyone in the same direction.... READ MORE

Take each step

May 12, 2021

Bridge Having taken that one step, having put at least the beginning of the plan into action, having tested and prodded at some of the assumptions that went into it, you now... READ MORE

That one step

May 11, 2021

Guards The problem is, you’re busy, they’re busy, everyone’s busy with their day to day. Everyone’s used to planning, and manoeuvring, and talking, talking, talking. Everyone’s circling in their loop. You’ve agreed the... READ MORE

Two steps

May 10, 2021

Vespa There will always be missteps, there will always be cul de sacs, there will always be new ways that invalidate the old ways and some of the new ways will appear... READ MORE

Room in the tactics

May 7, 2021

Bridge It’s extremely compelling to believe that every tactic takes us one step closer to our strategic imperatives. And tactics themselves are extremely compelling - compelling in the sense that they urge... READ MORE