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Like moving on

May 6, 2021

Canyon One of life’s greatest frustrations is waiting for other people to do the things they’ve agreed to do. Some things just take time, some things are hard, sometimes there’s a delay... READ MORE

Step off

May 1, 2021

Car Let’s say you’re trying to pull off a deal - the kind of good-for-you good-for-me deal that every party should get behind, where no one will feel aggrieved and that’s truly... READ MORE

That scaffolding

April 18, 2021

Bridge Building anything of substance, taller than you can build on your own, needs scaffolding. Sure, with enough time and energy you can dig the trenches on your own, you can lay... READ MORE

Tough days

April 16, 2021

Bags There are days when it all feels aaaaaagggghhhh! When you’ve had enough of missed deadlines, lack of commitment, politicking, risk aversion, vested interests, unwieldy or unwilling technologies, unwilling or underwhelming colleagues,... READ MORE

Reality is happening

April 14, 2021

Canalboat The calendar turns. You breathe in, you breathe out. The to do list is crunched. You wrestle  your email, overcome the day to day, manage the problems and take one... READ MORE