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The down slope

April 5, 2017

Serene After the tough times … the down slope. All that toil that got you to the top of the hill pays off. It make you stronger, you upped your game, you put... READ MORE

Your wheelhouse

April 3, 2017

Wheelhouse Everybody knows there’s competition. Even the extremely-blinkered who say their product is unique understand that there’s always some else competing for the same penny in their customer’s pocket. Everybody knows their competition... READ MORE

It’s done

April 2, 2017

Works Yep, it’s done. The hand is shaken. The ink is dry. The engine’s warming up and the wheels are thinking about turning. It’s done. But it is really? First there’s always some tidying up. Even... READ MORE

This ball

March 31, 2017

Ball In the grandest vision there’s much that’s different from how it is today. New products and markets and partners and structures and departments and colleagues and companies and everything. The plan... READ MORE

Make it real

March 28, 2017

Meat You’re right. That idea, amazing. I’m convinced. What you just said … it’s got to be true. But before we, oh I don’t know, bet the farm on the .. umm... READ MORE