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Hope, hope, despair

August 17, 2022

Building Given a fair wind and a starter for ten, in six months, wouldn’t it be lovely if … Finish the thought with something conceivable if not obvious, possible if not easy, achievable... READ MORE

Clarify some more

August 12, 2022

Cactus Some things are just plain complicated. Many moving parts. Many people in on the decision making. More people amongst those moving parts. Multiple variations and phases and modules and options. Confused... READ MORE

Waiting for you

August 11, 2022

Puzzle Frustrating. Frustrated. Frust-irritated. Frust-angry. Frust-unbelievable! Waiting. Waiting … … … … waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Oh, maybe … no … waiting. Nobody likes waiting. Sometimes that’s all there is. The question isn’t about how frustrated you are, the... READ MORE

Every fruit

August 1, 2022

Fruit I suppose it’s possible to do everything. To eat all and every fruit you see. To put resources into every option - assuming you have unlimited buckets of time and people... READ MORE

Just one thing

July 31, 2022

Cable I’ll do the important thing next, after just one thing I need to do first. It’s never just one thing. You can never postpone the important thing with this other, just one... READ MORE