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Get on with it

August 19, 2015

Food Prep Food preparation starts in the morning. Hours before the first diner chooses her first course - fish are caught, vegetables peeled, bread baked, sauce reduced, ice cream churned - or... READ MORE

Short cuts

July 10, 2015

Dead End There’s always a quicker way. A bigger engine might do it. Throw it in a high gear and stamp the accelerator. It’s exciting in a hairy, feeling out of control kind... READ MORE

Five steps ahead

July 9, 2015

Stone There are people who see five steps ahead. They’re always planning and strategising, connecting the dots, mapping the route. They accept any position, define it, work out where they’re at, right... READ MORE

Ready to commit

June 20, 2015

Intimidating After all that work. Those meetings, the debates, misunderstanding and clarifications and “I thought you meant …” frustrations, and “ah ha” moments - the deadline arrives and the final document emerges.... READ MORE

What will you do on Tuesday?

June 13, 2015

Saddle up A clear vision makes a lot of difference. Everyone likes a grand plan, lofty goals and sense of purpose - especially when presented with passion and total clarity. When you articulate... READ MORE