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Fill in the blanks

November 5, 2015

Fish The majority in the fat part of the bell curve, who do most of the buying in most of the customers, don’t get motivated by being asked to fill in the... READ MORE

What they want

October 5, 2015

Map It’s a rare customer who knows what they want. Starting with a problem, not a solution - they might have an idea for the kind of thing, maybe they can name the... READ MORE

Difficult to hear

September 19, 2015

Houston When they blow off your pitch and say, “What I really want is …” it can be difficult to hear. It’s likely you’ve been working towards that day for weeks. Honing,... READ MORE

Rocks of indifference

August 25, 2015

Rocks There are Windows people and MacOS people. Even some Linux people. There are iPhone people and Android people. Even some Blackberry people. Not changing, not seeing the benefits in the other system, not... READ MORE


August 5, 2015

Coffee It’s a lot easier to talk about it than actually do it. Far less committed. I’ll send the contract, let’s have coffee next time we’re in town, we’re just changing some details,... READ MORE