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Natural time frame

April 27, 2021

Park Everybody has a natural time frame - the period that they’re most comfortable working with.  For some of us, action oriented, living in the moment, it’s a day or five, we... READ MORE

Your tune

April 26, 2021

Empire State Sometimes, you have to listen to the mood more than the music. Because of your position, because of the authority that comes with it, the music is likely to be... READ MORE

Or reactive

April 25, 2021

Empire State When you know, you know. And it’s easy to say that you should deal with it, because, you know, and not dealing with things you know sounds more like politics... READ MORE

To confuse

April 23, 2021

Dalek There’s everybody else on your team, and then there’s you. Everybody else gets to do what’s necessary to pull of the flights and magic that take you from where you are now... READ MORE

Talk well

April 20, 2021

Cottages There are times when we have to part ways. At the end of things. We’ve our bit, you’ve done your bit, but for one reason or another - a contract, a... READ MORE