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Slightly dull

April 6, 2024

Pipe Let’s imagine your part of the world is split into two chunks: business-as-usual and new-stuff. Business-as-usual is what your team is paid to do, the things it’s relied upon to deliver, its... READ MORE

Whilst we’re moaning

April 5, 2024

Lights We all have things that bug us. Little and large. Things we have to do but don’t want to, things we know to do but can’t, things where we’re behind the... READ MORE

Experiences juiced

April 4, 2024

Building When things end, especially when they end badly, it’s tempting to chew over the bad of the thing - to lay blame, point fingers and wallow a little in the misery-mud.... READ MORE

Beyond obvious

April 3, 2024

Building A bigger target is a better target than a smaller target, right up until it becomes demotivating. Present your team with an easy 1% target and it’s likely they’ll ignore you and... READ MORE

Like a grown up

April 1, 2024

Children Managing a project is not gag-a-minute, sunshine-dappled and rose-sprinkled bed of fun-filled meetings. It’s detailed, tedious, largely thankless, and it sticks someone’s head boldly over the parapet as they call-out deliverables and... READ MORE