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What it is

September 7, 2021

Man Truck We’ve all been in situations where customers want the impossible. Impossible in the available time or with the current pot of people or pool of money (on your side or theirs),... READ MORE

Navigate the rapids

September 1, 2021

Water You get used to change. You do change every day, change becomes a part of you. You’re comfortable with it, you accept it, instead of fighting it, you go with it,... READ MORE

Follow up

August 23, 2021

Boats Follow up. When someone hasn’t done what they’re supposed to do, follow up. When someone asks for something at the end of the meeting, follow up. When you think of someone you haven’t spoken... READ MORE

The other fork

August 22, 2021

Kawasaki There are time when you have an unexpected opportunity to do well out of a situation at the expense of someone else. Maybe a colleague, maybe a customer. You know something... READ MORE

Be the one

August 14, 2021

Port It’s definitely easier in the moment to ignore it, not to follow up, to leave things hanging until someone else picks them up. It’s definitely less work to do the absolute... READ MORE