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Seek counsel

July 20, 2022

Bridge Bringing new things into the world means acting, a lot, on assumptions and instincts. What’s the right time to cut through your biases and take it out to see the world,... READ MORE

Slowest project ever

July 15, 2022

Seedpod The best thing you can do for progress is to get out of the way. The worst? Insinuate yourself into the process without really engaging - so you’re included in everything... READ MORE

Your own choices

July 11, 2022

Path What if we set out our vision? What if we put aside the inch-by-inch day-to-day for a while, the constant email, the righteous demands of customers, the every-little-thing on the to-do... READ MORE

Whack it

July 7, 2022

Tunnel Maybe it came into your mind fully formed. We want to get to this point, exactly, and the route to follow from here is to this place, then this, then this.... READ MORE

Something else

July 6, 2022

Palace When you come up against bureaucracy, dominated by obstinate and wilfully unhelpful rules, where the default answer is no, where your time is an unconsidered concept, when the only active thing... READ MORE