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The valley beyond

August 12, 2021

Bled In a negotiation, in a team discussion, in a this way? or that way? conversation, in any situation where there are at least two sides of the table, it’s compelling to... READ MORE

And … relax

August 11, 2021

Med It’s relentless. The clock, the calendar, the pace of change, the work ethic, the always-on, the email, the comms, the need to be on it, on it, on it. It’s there... READ MORE

The bedrock

August 4, 2021

Stones There are many things you’re asked to deliver but there’s one thing that underpins them all.  Without it, the good work gets lost and the reputation you spent so much anguish... READ MORE

Like it or change it

July 30, 2021

Sunflowers It’s your world. You’ve built the team and the process, you shaped the product, the positioning and the perspective, you’re behind the values and the ethos, the work ethic and the... READ MORE

A guessing game

July 27, 2021

Door It’s a guessing game. You don’t know what they thing, they don’t know what you think, but both of you would benefit from a little of the inside track. Whether it’s... READ MORE