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Chops today

October 23, 2022

Steps In a small team you get to know everyone pretty well. You know what they’re up to, what you can rely of them for, what they’re capable of, where their ambitions... READ MORE

Talk them closer

October 21, 2022

Dance Chances are … they have questions. Questions that have been rolling around, just out of reach, for months. Questions like … what do you think of the deal, how would you sum up... READ MORE

As things grow

October 17, 2022

Leaves As things grow, and particularly as you bring more people into the garden, clarity gets lost in the weeds. The first thing that suffers is everyone knowing what they’re doing. When there... READ MORE

Breaks down

September 26, 2022

Ferry Observing any kind of dysfunctionality, the place you can make the biggest impact most quickly is working on the handovers. For whatever reason, this is where it breaks down most often -... READ MORE

Training and trust

September 25, 2022

Ferry Hiring a new person for the team, where no one did that job before, means more than offloading responsibilities. It means being clear about the purpose of the job, the outcomes... READ MORE