June 26, 2018

A beat


In a crisis it can feel like all action. Immediate decisions, this and this and this, hurry, rush, fly.

Whilst there’s a clear and obvious benefit in sorting out the crisis as quickly as possible, it’s possible that jumping into action might just be the wrong thing to do. Because leaping before your look, anytime, risks bounding in the wrong direction, or onto the wrong horse, or out of the frying pan and into the mire of yet more problems.

In a crisis, fight the urgency for an immediate do-anything-and-everything run-around.

Take a beat – better yet, another two – to assess, as calmly as possible, the data at your disposal and consider at least one more plan of action than the first thing that sprang into your head. 

Then ask at least one more question than you think is necessary. 

Then, when you’re surer, act.

Skippy strategy: Take a moment.