August 4, 2019

A good idea


There are some things everybody knows.

They know what’s working, what’s not, who’s a superstar, who’s not, the partners and colleagues they like working with, and those they don’t.

And in our hearts, we know it too. Because … everyone knows.

Thing is, some of those things are a little bit unpalatable. We push back at the idea that something or someone we want to work, doesn’t. That the partner we selected so carefully, or who used to be our best decision, or is the cheapest, fastest, funniest – isn’t the partner we need them to be. That the criteria have shifted. That what seemed like a good idea, just isn’t.

Sometimes, sure, what everybody knows doesn’t and can’t outweigh some additional facts.

Every time though, what everybody knows … ignoring facts is a high risk activity.

Skippy strategy: When everybody knows, forget the fantasy. Act on what they know.