January 31, 2017

A keeper?


Anyone can pretend for a day, a week, a while. But their true colours bleed through eventually.

The interview went great. Hired.

The first week – all introductions and explanations and “oh, you means” – never representative of how things will go when the job-proper starts.

Two or three weeks in, everyone’s getting to know what to expect – timekeeping, preparation, application, willingness, smarts, work ethic, skills, what experience counts for, a joiner or loner, vulnerable or protective, open or closed, capable or bluffer, life and soul or at-the-back quiet. Jury’s out.

Two or three months … now you know.

What you get is never quite what you thought.

Interviews, however clever, give a good impression – but they’re not the real thing.

That takes time.

What did you get? More or less than you thought you hired?

A keeper?

Skippy strategy: Hiring … at least two decisions, two steps apart.