February 13, 2018

A lovely chat


Some meetings are like a lovely chat. An interesting subject is put on the table, there are pros and cons, opinions range left-ways and right-ways, motivations from let’s-do-it to it’s-not-for-us. Around and around. It’s a smoke-laden festival of opinions.

And that’s a good thing if your intention is to have a free ranging conversation to understand where people are and how they got there, to consider the available facts and how they triangulate through the thought process, to cogitate and consider possibilities and potentials.

But it’s a bad thing if everyone leaves the meeting without clarity on what to do next. Is it to find more facts, to consult more colleagues, to sit in a holding pattern until rehashing the whole thing next time around?

Meetings need an objective and to drive toward a clear conclusion. Have a chat if you want to, then make clear decisions.

Skippy strategy: Meetings need decisions.