August 25, 2021

A low-data environment


There’s a comfortable luxury in not making the decision. Sitting here with ambiguity, it’s a world of possibility, all avenues are open, every door is available, you can point your ship to any point on the compass. And if the dock isn’t burning, you can take your time, maybe wait a little longer until one path becomes obviously more interesting, cast around just a little more data, and a little more data, and a little more data until, fantasy, the decision makes itself.

The down side; such a waste of time and energy as everyone else is washing around, wandering off whilst keeping an eye over their shoulder, just in case. The impact of the down side; you lose some as they find more interesting things to do, you lose all momentum, and you still have to make the decision.

Skippy strategy: Decisions are only needed when it’s a low-data environment.