June 9, 2016

A piece of the plan?


There’s a definite risk when your customers’ current demands have so much gravity that the entire company starts to bend around them.

The risk?

Slowly, slowly, every innovative notion gets sucked inside the event horizon of the immediate imperative. Slowly, slowly, what was only a piece of the plan becomes the whole plan. Slowly, slowly something that was a small turning point becomes an end in itself that eats resources and turns all eyes inward.

Might be the brightest thing that ever happened, might be a short cut to a long dark cul-de-sac.

The trick is to spot the edge and decide what to do about it.

Fall in or engage thrusters? Redefine, or recommit? Make it the plan, or put it back on the plan.

Skippy strategy: Don’t sleepwalk into a new direction. Eyes wide open … make active decisions.