August 1, 2016

A proper sweet zero


Sitting around waiting for someone else to make a decision, especially a big decision, especially a big decision that affects your everything, isn’t … much … fun.

Sometimes a little hurry-up – an email, phone call, door-stepping as you’re “in the area” – can make a difference. If this is one of those time, get nudging.

But sometimes there really is a proper sweet zero you can do. When the decision maker sits in a sound proof box on an ivory tower – a Government department maybe or when you’ve never managed to get within three degrees of real influence – or when the process is king and the announcement will be made when the announcement will be made, or when you’re one blade in field the size of Montana.

You can speculate, get angsty, shout at the moon.

Or you can get on with things that matter.

Skippy strategy: Focus where you can actually make a difference.