March 8, 2023

About speed


To move faster is not necessarily about speed, a lot has to do with spending less time standing still.

In our world, that means having an effective decision making process. One that drags in sources, considers options and finds a way to come to conclusions that deal with reality and live within the bounds of acceptable risk.

Stand still for just as long as you need to, and no more. No spinning out decisions, no rehearsing the arguments every.single.time you meet. No messing or second guessing without more data. Just get on with it.

And that’s the real trick. Getting on with it. 

Taking step after step, action after action, relentless progression. Organising to enable forward movement. Putting the resources in place. Focusing efforts. Doing the things you’ve decided to do.

Get moving, and deal with whatever comes next.

Skippy strategy: Make the decision and get on with it.