March 24, 2017

Aim, release, assess


So many moving parts.

So very many many moving parts.

Before you know anything for sure you’re pushed to make choices that … may turn out bad, may have to be fixed, might waste time. It’s tempting to wait just a little bit longer, to keep things in flux until the mists clear and the choices make themselves. Then you’ll know. Then you can move.

The appeal of keeping resources tight. Aim, aim, aim, aim, aim, aim … aim some more. Assuming you’ll be ready and able to give the arrow flight just as soon as the time comes.

And that’s possible.

More likely, yet more aiming. Missing the moment as you’ve trained yourself into waiting, not acting.

A better bet …

Aim, release, assess. Aim, release, assess. Aim, release, assess.

Work with what you know and what you’ve got. Notice when things change. Repeat.

Skippy strategy: Look, think, act … with a bias for action.