January 19, 2020

All good?


Ask them, how’s it going? All good.

Ask them, are you winning? Doing great.

Ask them, do you need help? I’m on it.

Ask them, are we on track? Sure thing.

Ask them, anything to worry about? Looking fine.

Ask them for any kind of sum up, and odds are even they’ll brush you off. 

Not because they’re hiding, not because they think you’re interfering, not because they’re defensive … but because they genuinely think they’re on top of everything and there’s no need to worry.

Ask them, what steps are you taking? Much bigger conversation.

Ask them, what’s the one thing that’s causing the most difficulty? Much bigger conversation.

Ask them for any kind of qualitative or explanatory detail you’ll see them in the middle of their process.

And now you can make your own decision, is it all good?

Skippy strategy: Ask meaningful questions if you want meaningful answers.