February 3, 2019

All the fish


There are communications problems and communications problems.

Type one are the kind of problems that exist when one person has failed to explain things clearly and they’re putting too heavy a burden on the other side if they expect them to understand without further help. Assuming you recognise the issue, the solution is to slow down, spend time, and point out all the fish in the bucket one at a time. The result: no communication problem.

Type two is a whole other mess of misdirection. When someone identifies communication problems instead of what they really mean … the other person doesn’t agree with them. Spending time on clarity might help – in which case, it’s type one – but it’s most likely to bring the differences of opinion into sharp relief.

Either way, clarity means at least everyone agrees what they’re arguing about.

And then it’s decision time.

Skippy strategy: Clarity, then decision.