March 16, 2018

An alternative


You find yourselves in a difficult position. What you’re doing isn’t working quite the way things were intended, as they said it would … you know it, your team knows it, and the only one who doesn’t seem interested is the one person who has the authority to sort things out.

Options: keep you head down, keep moving the boat forward, and watch it as it crashes into the shore; moan about it, take your foot off the gas and look for somewhere else to ply your trade; recommit to the objective and not the process, find an alternative route to success, and win the argument to jump the groove.

Option three is harder work, takes more creativity, means sticking your head above the parapet … and is the right thing to do.

And if you’re the recalcitrant one … listen, add your value, get out of the way.

Skippy strategy: Find an alternative.