January 9, 2024

An ass


Not everyone agrees with you.

Outside the organisation, most times, you take it on the chin. Customers are entitled to do what they like with their money and decide to go left when you think that’s the route to trouble-town. Suppliers, partners, investors, applicants, everyone outside your immediate control – they’ll have opinions and make decisions that aren’t to your liking even after you’ve given it your best shot, and for the most part, them’s the breaks.

Inside the organisation … different story.

You can be an ass: try to win every argument, cajole and browbeat and keep subjects open until everyone goes your way, “correct” every nuanced position. And you can find yourself arguing for the sake of arguing.

Which is your right, but not very smart.

The smarter way, (way smarter): build on anything that hints at progress and ignore whose idea it started with.

Skippy strategy: Don’t be an ass.