October 4, 2020

An outsider’s calculus


On the inside, you see all the nuance, all the value, all the potential. From the outside, in the cold-stare arms-length world, all they see are the visible traces. Not nuance, but black and white, not value, but actual contribution, not potential, but today’s deliverables.

On the inside, you have all the facts. On the outside, a sparing few.

Realise it’s about the decision maker.

If it’s you, an insider, you’ll make your decision based on light and shade, the balance of the real and the hoped for, the story. If it’s them, they’ll listen to the story, they still have hope, they know it’s never an absolute, but they’ll always take a harder edged view. They’ll ask more questions, dig deeper and be sceptical about what they find.

Skippy strategy: As soon as the decision maker is outside the circle, be prepared for an outsider’s calculus.