December 7, 2016

And again


Didn’t we talk about that last time?

Actually, haven’t we hashed and stashed the arguments every time we’ve met for months. Haven’t we looked at his left-ways, right-ways and every other ways that any of us can imagine and isn’t the only things that’s missing an actual, oh I don’t know, decision. A decision that some of may not all like (who ever said we had to?) but more important, a decision that lets us get past the blockage and releases us to get on with all the interesting stuff that actually makes a difference in the real world and all the other things we’re currently not even talking about, let alone getting serious about, because we’re spending all of our time chewing this particular bone. And actually, it doesn’t even matter that much. Left or right, either way gets us there.

Skippy strategy: Make decisions, move on.