July 31, 2016

And then we fix it


Nothing about making difficult decisions is easy. So we agonise, work the angles, squeeze for data, seek advice, mine for insight.

The whole game is laced with worry, “What if …?” – and it’s the worry that wastes time while everyone looks for the perfect answer.

The reality, there aren’t many critical decisions. Most of the time, whichever way you go, there’s a way to swing back around and sort out miss steps. The new employee who doesn’t work out – let them go. That product research that makes no sense – cancel it. The acquisition that fails its promise – find new management, sell it on, give it some love, double-down the investment, build a new team, bring it inside…

Some decisions are truly binary and merit the worry. Most of the time, indecision is the killer.

Skippy strategy:  Make the best decisions you can. If one proves wrong, fix it.

First published 23rd July 2015.