December 17, 2023

And they bite


Some things will be left unsaid.

Most, because they’re unknowns. At the time of speaking, or writing, or drafting the contract, there will always be things let unconsidered, details that we didn’t realise would be important, gaps so big in our understanding that we didn’t even know they were gaps. You do the best you can and if there’s something left, them’s the breaks. We’ll deal with the unknowns whenever they become a thing that we have to deal with.

Some though … we knew about, we knew we were hiding from, we even knew they’d be a thing, and we kept our mouths shut.

Which might be expedient (and might even feel clever) but for the most part what we’re really doing is banking trouble. And the thing about banks: they’re never help when you need them, and they bite.

Skippy strategy: When you now, say it early.