September 30, 2019

And … wait


They’re making all the right noises. So prepare.

Prepare for the day when the customer signs the contract and sends the purchase order. Prepare for wet ink on the investment agreement and the money hitting your account. Prepare for the components to ship and arrive at your loading bay. Prepare for the Yes in the email and the action to unfold.

It’s difficult to get commitment from third parties.

They talk a good game – whether it’s because they’re selling or because they’re pleasers – they like to keep you happy-ish.

When they come to a conclusion, and make the decision, it can feel like the summit. But wait. There’s one more ridge to push over, one more crevasse to get them across: acting on it.

It doesn’t matter what they say, only action speaks.

Plan for when they act, but deal in reality.

Skippy strategy: Get ready. Get set. And … wait.