August 30, 2018

Around the table


And when the moment of decision comes: when there’s no chance of, or no time for, additional data; when the facts and opinions have been chewed over and examined from every possible angle; when objective analysis hasn’t made the decision for you and there’s nothing left except someone – and that’s you – making the actual choice … take one more swing around the table.

Ask each in turn, on the balance of argument and facts as far as they’re known, what would they do.

You’re not after consensus nor concessions. You’re not looking for it to be easy. You don’t expect an obvious option to jump out of the weeds.

You do want an honest understanding of final and nuanced positions.

Now decide. Go/No Go.

The process is as important as the outcome. Honest, fair, thoughtful. However contentious, they’ll be with you.

Skippy strategy: Once more around the table.