March 20, 2018

Blend to taste


The calculus: time and/or money and/or learning and/or doneness.

Sure, you can keep on at it. Try to work it out on your own. Build whatever base of knowledge is necessary before you can take even the most rudimentary steps towards your goal. That’s the way it’s always been done, right? Your entire career has comprised of learning how to things you didn’t know how to before. It’s the slow way, but it’s the only way to learn – one step after another, right?

Or, you could find a mentor. Someone who’s walked the path already. Someone who knows the pitfalls and can help you think your way to mastery.

Or, you can delegate the task to someone who already knows all they need to know. Who has the expertise. Who is a professional.

Blend to taste.

Learning, cash, doneness.

Skippy strategy: Work out what you value most.