March 31, 2020



Some decisions are particularly difficult. And if you’re lucky, there will be plenty of people with opinions on which way you should go. Most times, candid conversations and whatever passes for trusted data build towards a consensus on the wisest choice – you still have to make up your mind but the path is well signposted. 

Sometimes, when there’s little data or when opinions are drawn more from positioning, decisions can be mighty lonely.

Even then, there aren’t too many times when moving left or right is a definitive, non-correctable course. Any decision is better than none; it gets you moving and you can deal with what you find.

In every case, don’t be driven to rush. Unless it’s an emergency – and you know a real one when you see one – take whatever time you need to not feel bounced.

And then … act.

Skippy strategy: Take your time, decide, then act.