August 11, 2017

Changing people


Changing people is the hardest part of management. Of course there’s the human element – moving people on can be heartbreaking (although never as hard for you as for them), and finding new faces means disappointing many more – that keeps any emotional being awake at night.

Then there’s the jeopardy. Not only about doing the job you’re hiring for, the major performance metrics, but what about all the little things that no one knows exist until they’re missing?

So hard it is, that most managers dodge the responsibility. They muddle along allowing ineffective people with their inappropriate skills and mediocre work ethic to underperform at jobs and let the side down. They moan (easy), and do nothing (easy for them, hard on everyone else).

It’s definitely hard. Not to be taken lightly. No instant fixes.

Effective managers work the issues and push through.

Skippy strategy: Stop moaning and start planning.