August 29, 2018

Chewed over


Decisions aren’t a one size fits all proposition. Little and large, immediate and long-range. It would be lovely if every decision could be taken instantly, and every instant decision was good. Thing is, they can’t (shouldn’t be) and they aren’t.

Some decisions demand more time (and even then, might not land in the good column). They need to roll around for a while, get chewed over, talked about, considered, looked at from this way and that, left alone in empty space for a beat, caught a glimpse of when least expected, benefit from a moment of inspiration listening to the news in the shower. 

You know, worked.

And that’s ok. Just so long as their indecision-ness isn’t undermining that other thing, or degrading this activity over here.

If they are, and when the moment has come, make the decision. Move on. Fix it later if you have to.

Skippy strategy: Work it. Then decide.