July 2, 2017

Choose the timing


Some things you know, deep down, you’ll have to deal with sooner or later.

The benefit of not dealing with it today – an easier life in the short term. You get to dodge the difficult conversation to avoid the uncomfortable consequences. For now.

Of course, you still have the issue of the actual problem, the string of side-steps, the ongoing irritation and daily dissatisfaction that nags at you until the day finally comes. But the balance of benefits, you rationalise, still favours delay. You’re dealing with it by not dealing with it.

Alternatively, the benefit of sorting it out now – an easier life the long term. You strap in for a short term hit in progress and focus for the smoother-faster-straighter road after the bumps in the road.

Whichever route you take … do it knowing what you’re doing.

Skippy strategy: Don’t settle. Choose the timing.