March 13, 2021

Commit anyway


Every member of every team comes to moments where they fundamentally disagree about a decision. The arguments have been heard, the data have been analysed, the positions have been staked out and fluctuated with the balance of the arguments and the data, everything has been weighed and despite good will on all sides and a desire to come to a unified decision – despite all that – no definitive, collective, universally agreed answer has raised itself above the melee. Now, someone, or some combination of someones, has made a decision and it’s time to move into action mode.

Problem is … that team player who understands that decisions have to be made and the job is to commit anyway and do whatever it takes to putting them into action. Except this time, they can’t. Now they have a decision of their own.

Skippy strategy: Disagree and commit anyway, or get out of the way.