June 20, 2019

Creak, then crack


As things grow, as the project or the team or the complexity grows, the systems you had at the beginning – which probably involved a lot of your head and a little bit of actual process – will creak, then crack and can blow your house down. The only thing to do is update the system and drag as much out of your head and away from your fingers as you can.

There are, however, two temptations.

Wait too long – it’s worked so far, it’s kinda working still, why fix it? And no no one could do it as well as you do it anyway. Could they?

Go too big – it’s out of scope, so now we have to go to the other end of the pendulum. Let’s build something that’s future-proof.

Tread between the two. Get it out of your hands and into something right-size.

Skippy strategy: Act as it starts to crack.