September 18, 2016

Do it like this


Don’t do it like that. Do it like this.

Advice like that might just be the best thing you can hear, saving you months of being lost amongst the weeds and blind alleys. Maybe it’ll turn you back on the brink of the precipice. Or … it might be nonsense from someone who knows less than you and has nothing invested in getting where you’ve got or going where you’re going.

Do you snap to the new direction, or keep your head down and push forward all the same?

You decide.


Head up for a second: What’s their experience? Domain expertise? Are they the decision maker? Is there new evidence? Who can corroborate? Can we triangulate? Immigrants eyes.

Some people always go with the last thing they heard. Some people doggedly follow their first instinct.

Smart people make active choices.

Skippy strategy: Every input. In the pot. Stir. Think. Decide.