August 19, 2019

Does it work?


Marketing came up with a new promotion that’s supposed to transform your performance in the market. One week one month one year later, does it work?

Procurement has a process for squeezing value out of your suppliers. Assuming you put something other than price at the top of the list, does their process work?

You have a system of quality control in manufacturing, how’s it working for you?

You have a way of managing you’re people that you’ve been using since you first got the title. Are you getting the best from your team?

It doesn’t matter what you think about the promotion, what procurement does or QA. It doesn’t matter what your philosophy says about how to do things or what you learned from your first, worst, best, last boss.

Start with an idea, and then work from the evidence.

Skippy strategy: What matters is … does it work?