April 27, 2020

Door B


Sometimes you get presented with a binary choice that doesn’t go well in either direction. You could open Door A and receive something less than you desired, or Door B and have a different by related disappointment.

Faced with that choice, most of us will try to negotiate. We’ll try to create a Door C or D, or we’ll ask for elements of A and B. There’ll be the anger phase, where we rail against the inequities of such unpleasant and underwhelming choices. We might mope or avoid the whole thing and pretend that we’d rather walk away than open any door that isn’t as welcoming as our dream.

And then reality hits. It’s A or B. Opening either one of those doors means, ironically, closure. With that done, we can get on with everything else.

Skippy strategy: Even when it doesn’t look good, make the choice and move on.