November 21, 2020

Every nuance


Everything is connected to everything else. I get it. It’s difficult to say this thing is entirely separate from this other thing, especially if we have an involved conversation about the cause and effect of all the moving parts.

Most times, this can make for an interesting (kinda) conversation that passes time at the water cooler. But when we’re trying to make a decision, and the decision is important enough to warrant a real conversation, we need to clear a little space around the edges. We need to understand the context, and then deal with the issue at hand – not understand the context, and then bury ourselves examining every nuance and nano-connection.

Let’s talk principles, let’s talk milestones, if it boils down to numbers (and nearly everything does) let’s talk numbers. Don’t forget the nuance, but don’t get waylaid by it either.

Skippy strategy: Examine it in a clear light.