March 7, 2016

Expansive thinking


Some problems don’t lend themselves to a reductive decision making process.

Most forks in the road are straightforward choices, and most of those submit to the maxim that any decision is better than no decision. Keep moving forward.

But now and then, the road is so forked – when it’s less, which route to take through the mountains, more, North or South – that a longer than average pause make sense.


Mm, hmm.

It’s a divergent process. Expansive. Gathering, gathering, gathering. No filtering.

Then it’s synthesis. Fitting the data together, overlapping, pattern matching. Excluding duplicates, red herrings. Looking to understand.

When it’s done, as best as it can given the constraints (and there must be constraints) …


Mm, hmm.

Time to decide and move forward again.

Not rushed. Just urgent.

Skippy strategy: Respect the decision, don’t succumb to it.