October 1, 2020

Fall out


Decisions come, decisions go. We turn left, we turn right. Every avenue chosen means one thing and not the other thing. Some go well, some bad. Some are obvious, some understandable, some popular, some less so.

Every time, whatever the subject, whichever way the arguments go, there will be consequences. Let’s call it fall out. Almost always, when making the decision, you have a choice: avoid the fall out, or deal with it. Avoidance means prioritising safe, popular options. Dealing with it means walking through the door with your eyes wide open and prepared to take on the challenges as they come.

The good news: most people, and certainly the ones you want and need around you, will understand and accept even the most unpopular decisions if they’re taken with humility and explained clearly and honestly.

Skippy strategy: All you have to do is deal with whatever happens next.