March 5, 2017

Far and wide


They want to be heard.

Everyone in every place in the organisation has an opinion. Production, procurement, marketing, strategy, executive, developers, logistics, finance. Outside too. Significant others, customers, suppliers, partners, investors. The whole damn bunch. Opinions are free and easy to come by.

For some, it’s passing. They’re under-informed and barely care and are as happy passing judgement last night’s TV showdown. Their opinion might be interesting, useful even, but only as much as the next guy. More about taking the temperature than anything particularly meaningful. Ask them if you want.

Others though: they know their stuff, are invested in the outcome, will be committed by the decision. They’ve thought about it, have experience that gives them perspective, and their opinion is specific enough to be useful.

Ask them, far and wide, whether you want to or not.

Only then, make up your mind.

Skippy strategy: Take opinions, then make the decision.